Ricky Martín gets into the tub and the comments on Instagram explode

Ricky Martin has dazzled his followers with a new photograph in a tub. The Latin music star has said next to the image that it comes with a new song and a new video, which can be presumed will be quite sensual.

The singer is seen with some drops of water on his arm coming out of the tub, while his hair is combed and it looks wet as well. Although little is seen in the image, a small sample of the abdomen is appreciated of the singer and actor born in Puerto Rico.

“New song, new video, new moments”, is the message that Ricky Martín wrote next to this photo that has already garnered more than 446,734 likes and thousands of comments from people who enjoy seeing it inside the white tub.

Hearts, fires and love faces stand out quite a bit among the comments. Even Olga Tañón and her great friend Eglantina Zing have commented on the photo and other famous friends.

Olga Tañón: Ñooooo mioooo that beautifulooooo !!!!!! 🔥❤️

Eglantina Cante: 🔥🔥🔥

Desmond Child: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Meanwhile, his loyal followers overflow with their love and charm for the Puerto Rican:

“How beautiful I want to hear the new. How you will always surprise us “

“What a nice way to start the day”

“You’re so cute ❤️ here we wait for you “

“I love you eternally beautiful Puerto Rican”

The physique of the Puerto Rican artist has always been a reason that awakens sighs. A few weeks ago René Pérez Joglar, commonly known as Resident, shared a photo in a home gym and said: ✍️🧠💪2022🔥[R] trying to reach @chayanne and @ricky_martin #provocame #fuegodenochenievededia “.

Ricky Martín himself was one of those in charge of encouraging Residente in his task of trying to match the heart-stopping bodies that he himself has and that Chayanne also enjoys showing off.

“You have to give it”, was the message of encouragement he left for his colleague.

On December 24, 2021, Ricky Martín reached 50 years of age. The artist celebrated his birthday with his daughter Lucía, with whom he shares his birth date, on a beach in Puerto Rico where they walked and enjoyed the special day.

“This pretty girl has her birthday the same day as me. The 24th of December. Lucia Martin-Yosef, the light in my eyes, my inspiration, my motivation. You are the head of the house and we love it that way. I love you with all my being. Congratulations my daughter ”.

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