Video: Driver gets confused and ends up driving on the train tracks

Driver mistakes a fast track for a train track.

Photo: Igorovsyannykov / Pixabay

In social networks a video of a driver from Turkey who mistook the streets of his city for those of a train track and drove for several seconds on them.

As expected, the passengers who were waiting for the train were perplexed by what they were looking at, it was then that the conductor realized that he had made a serious mistake.

According to the Turkish press, the driver admitted he got confused and took a wrong exit, accidentally ending up on roads unsuitable for motorists.

The train station cameras recorded the moment and shared to different media screenshots of how the man I was driving placidly over one of the busiest stations in Istanbul.

You can also see subway users bewildered to see a car on the tracks, there are even those who look out on several occasions to see if the train is not about to arrive.

After a few minutes in circulation, the car stopped on its way because it got stuck, So several people called the fire brigade, as well as the police to come to the place and be able to help the driver who will surely shine as the most distracted of 2022.

Fortunately in this incident no one was unhurt, the truth is that this confusion will go down in the history of Turkey.

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