After surviving a raging fire in the Bronx, a Hispanic couple asks for $ 1,000 million in compensation

Hispanic couple affected by the fires demand a strong compensation.

Photo: Matthias_Groeneveld / Pixabay

A couple who survived the raging fire that occurred in a building in the Bronx last Sunday, which left 17 people dead, including eight children, filed a complaint demanding a compensation of 1,000 million dollars.

The complaint filed by the couple made up of Rosa Reyes and Felix Martinez, and which was shown by the local chain ABC7, was presented against the managers of the building and against the mayor of the city.

The couple filed the complaint individually and on behalf of others in a similar situation”, and described it as “the first complaint”, predicting that similar ones will follow.

In the document, Reyes and Martínez claim to have suffered injuries in that fire and they present four complaints to the building managers: not ensuring the automatic closing of the metal doors; malfunctioning smoke detectors; failing to provide adequate heating and allowing fire alarm errors.

The fire started when an electric stove caught fire and burned a mattress on the second floor due to the negligence of the residents of that apartment, who by leaving quickly left the door of their home open and that caused the fire and smoke to rise rapidly through the 19 floors of the building, where 120 apartments were distributed.

Among the testimonies collected from those affected by the fire, many pointed out that the fire alarms went off all the time and now few took them seriously; others mentioned that the central heating was very low and it was cold in the apartments.

According to what was reported by ABC7, some residents have begun to return to their apartments, in those cases where they do not present great damage; while others continue to stay in hotels at the expense of the municipality while they process public aid.

The list of dead made public, whose total is 17 deaths, eight of them children, presents a large majority of victims who were from two or three families, from Gambia and of Muslim religion.

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