He told him that he would travel to Africa to do community work but in reality he would go to meet his “lover” and they ended up kidnapping him

The history of 64-year-old Italian businessman, Claudio Formenton, He has already gone around the world, due to how it is that a lie led him to live the worst experience of his life.

It was in November 2021 when Claudio informed his wife and family that I would make a trip to Africa, exactly to the Ivory Coast, to do community service on that continent, something that he had been doing for a long time. This time he mentioned that he would help a group of missionaries.

The businessman’s trip would last a week. But what his family didn’t know was that in reality, the man He had traveled to meet a woman named Olivia Martens, with whom he had been in contact on the Internet in recent months and who had allegedly become his lover.

Once he arrived at the airport in the Ivory Coast, Formenton would have boarded a taxi that was already waiting for him and from that moment on, his odyssey began.

Formenton was taken to various places until he reached a hotel, where he was received by a group of criminals who notified him that had been kidnapped. The Italian was deprived of his liberty for a couple of days and the kidnappers contacted his family and they notified the authorities.

Finally, a group of agents broke into the establishment where the victim was being held, who they managed to free on December 2. The police in the Ivory Coast indicated that Claudio had been deceived by these criminals, who created a false profile of Olivia Martens and with it, captured his attention.

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