Serbian president says Djokovic has been ‘mistreated and humiliated’ by Australia

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic accused the Australian authorities of “mistreating and humiliating” the tennis player Novak Djokovic, whose visa for that country was revoked for the second time, and reiterated Serbia’s support.

The final decision of the Australian Federal Court on whether Djokovic (ATP number one) will be deported, will be known on Sunday, a day before the start of the Australian Open, a Grand Slam in which he intends to participate and which he won nine times.

“Why do you mistreat him and why do you humiliate him, not only him but also his family and an entire free and proud nation?” Vucic declared on his Instagram.

Vucic asked if these measures are taken to “flatter public opinion” and win points before the elections that are expected in Australia this year, and denounced that attacks and pressure on the athlete have had a great echo for “unknown” reasons.

“I return to the moral issue. If you wanted to ban Novak from the 10th trophy in Melbourne, why didn’t you reject him immediately and you told him that he couldn’t get a visa?” he said.

Commenting on the new withdrawal of Djokovic’s visa, supported by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the Serbian president said that he is amazed that the organs of an executive power amend judicial decisions.

“Not infrequently they preach to us with the rule of law, and can you imagine what would happen if in Serbia some minister could annul judges’ decisions?” Vucic said.

Djokovic’s visa was canceled today after a Melbourne court annulled the first revocation on the 10th, after an appeal from the tennis player’s lawyers.

Djokovic traveled to Australia on a medical exemption allowing him to play at the Grand Slam.

Vucic stated that Serbia will fight for Djokovic and that “the abuse” experienced by the tennis player will not change his country’s respect for the people of Australia nor towards “the greatest tennis player of all time, who will always be in our hearts”. “Novak, we are with you,” Vucic concluded.

The tennis player’s father, Srdjan Djokovic, uploaded a photo of his son to social networks next to that of a wolf, and with the message “Strength, son!”.

Djokovic, whose visa was canceled by Australia for the first time on the 6th, was isolated until January 10 in a hotel intended for asylum seekers, which his family described as “terrible” and “inhumane”.

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