Televisa and Univision will use controversial book by Vicente Fernández for bioseries

Vicente Fernández died in Guadalajara at the age of 81.

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The book “El Último Rey”, by the Argentinean Olga Wornat, where supposedly controversial revelations about the life of Vicente Fernández and his family are recounted, will serve for a new bioseries of the late artist from Jalisco.

Caracol Televisión and Netflix have already started recording their own version, with Jaime Camil as the interpreter of “Charro de Huentitán”, but this time the production will be from Univisión and Televisa, since the latter company acquired the permits from Editorial Planeta México, seal that supports the unauthorized biography of Vicente.

“The making of this bioseries on Don Vicente Fernández is a privilege and, at the same time, an enormous challenge because he is one of the most emblematic performers and idol of Mexican vernacular music, who with his talent crossed borders and won the worldwide recognition”, explains a bulletin issued by Televisa.

The story that the journalist deals with in the six-part work was not well received by the Fernández dynasty, since it talks about the experiences of Vicente Fernández Jr. during his kidnapping in 1998, in addition to Gerardo’s possible links with drug trafficking and the enmity between the brothers.

That is why it is still unknown if the project undertaken by Televisa has the authorization of the family, one of the most influential in the world of Mexican entertainment.

The statement also detailed that soon it will be announced who will be the producer, the protagonist and the rest of the cast that will make up the project, but days before the news, it was unofficially circulating that the singer and actor Pablo Montero would be the one to give life to Fernández and that in production Juan Osorio would lead.

Montero maintained a very close relationship with the 81-year-old singer, and sometimes even declared that he saw him as a father and that his musical influence was fundamental in his career.

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