The ‘pollofres’ land in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

A most daring business comes to The Gran Canarian palms. After causing a furor in the Madrid neighborhood of Chueca, La Pollería lands in the city, a chain specializing in the production and sale of waffles. But not in any shape but, as its name suggests, all these sweets are shaped like a penis. At the end of 2019, the young man from Tenerife Pedro Buerbaum opened in the aforementioned area of ​​the Spanish capital a peculiar sweet shop in which only one specialty is sold: pollofres. They are the waffles of a lifetime but in the shape of an extra-large penis. They are XXL in size and customers can choose between different toppings and toppings to add..

Since then, the business has spread throughout the Spanish geography until it was inaugurated in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on December 18 when opened a new store in the central street Travieso, in the capital neighborhood of Triana. Since then, La Pollería offers its sweets every day in the afternoon. “We have what you deserve so much,” read a poster before its inauguration.

In fact, your sign is already visible to passers-by on that street. The symbol that accompanies your sign leaves no room for imagination.

In May 2021, the franchise opened its first store in the Canary Islands. Specifically on Calle Villalba Hervás, 1, in the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Since its opening, the business had long queues.

A triumph in the world of confectionery

Baptized as ‘pollofres‘, these sweets made with waffle dough can have several coatings: from dark or white chocolate, to Petit Suisse or Kinder. There are also different sizes..

Bauerman is from the north of Tenerife, his family is from the municipality of El Sauzal, although he points out that “for all his life” he has moved “through the area of ​​La Orotava and Puerto de la Cruz”.

The creator says that it was not the provocation that motivated him to inaugurate his particular chicken shop. “How did it occur to me to open La Pollería? This is the question that I have had to answer the most throughout this week to friends, family, clients and journalists who have echoed the opening of the business.” He assures that he continues “without knowing how to answer it”. “It just occurred to me. It seemed like a good idea and Chueca was the best place to develop it. The truth is that it’s being a hit,” he says.

Businessman landed in Madrid in November 2018. “I studied an international degree for two years in Tenerife, another in London and another in Los Angeles. I thought of staying in the United States to set up an ice cream shop,” he says. “I had thought about the business model and the venue, but due to family problems I had to return to Tenerife, however after three months the island was too small for me and I came to Madrid, which although it is close to home, is a big city”.

Furthermore, he adds that “the idea he had in Los Angeles about opening an ice cream parlor, he developed in the capital of Spain“So, in February of this year he opened his ice cream parlor in the Malasaña neighborhood under the name Ice & Dreams and it worked very well.” He assures that the ice cream parlor also served waffels “so the idea of ​​making waffles developed from here.” “It was an ice cream shop where they made ice creams with very unusual flavors and they were served surrounded by a cloud of cotton candy or a black ice cream made with sweet charcoal,” he adds.

So part of the blame for his current tremendous success may lie with his ice cream parlor, which, with the arrival of winter and the drop in temperatures, he thought he should diversify the business,” he explains. “I decided to also serve waffles” and “I asked the Chinese factory from which I order the molds to make the waffles the catalog they had to see what forms of waffles might interest me and they gave me a little book in which there was everything: bears, fish, flowers and all kinds of shapes that one can imagine“, he comments. When he got to page 19 – he recalls – he couldn’t help but be surprised: “Fuck the Chinese! They even have sexually shaped waffle makers in their sampler” among the proposals offered by the company.

The Tenerife He admits that he has no pastry training and has not even worked in the ice cream, candy or waffle world before.. “I studied Business Administration and no one in my family has ever had a business related to ice cream, waffles or sweets. It was just an idea that I began to think about and decided to take the step by learning the recipes and tricks. It’s a matter of trial and error,” he revealed.

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