Ben Affleck confesses that he underwent cosmetic touch-ups for his role in ‘Armageddon’

Ben Affleck underwent a physical transformation before starring in the movie ‘Armageddon’, released in 1998. The American actor revealed that he had to undergo certain aesthetic touch-ups to embody the role of the leader of asteroid drillers that he played in fiction.

In a conversation with his friend and colleague Matt Damon For an interview with the media Entertainment Weekly, the interpreter told how he then faced the preparation of the character and shared some information about the production of the film.

“They dug out two Disney sets to recreate huge asteroid craters and I didn’t even think about the fact that the basic premise of the movie was totally absurd,” he reflected on the plot.

He added: “Why train oil drillers to be astronauts instead of training astronauts to be oil drillers? You’d think the learning curve would be a little steeper in an oil driller’s journey than an astronaut’s…But it was fun and it came at the right time.”

The actor then revealed the expectations the crew had for his role in the high-budget film. “I was a bit naive about people’s opinions of me and the comment from Michael (Bay, director) and Jerry (Bruckheimer, producer) about my appearance was: ‘Oh!You have to go to the tanning bed!’”, said the couple Jennifer Lopez.

And continued: “They made me fix my teeth, exercise and look sexy. ‘Be sexy’, they told me. How do I do it? ‘Going to the gym!’ Running in the gym and putting oil on my body and stuff turned out to be a version of one of those topless male calendar models in a garage carrying tires all greased up. Michael had a vision of a male torso glistening in oil and said, ‘That will go in the trailer and sell tickets!’ And, really, what can you say in those moments?

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Despite his decades-long career, Affleck said that ‘Armageddon’ is the film of his entire filmography that his children like best, all born of his relationship with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner: Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13 and Samuel, 9. “It’s funny, because that’s the only movie of mine that my kids have seen and they admit they liked it, even though they make fun of me relentlessly,” the Oscar winner said. “They often comment: ‘Are you driving a tank on the moon?’ But they have fun, you know what I mean? They won’t even see ‘The Town,’ so there you have it.”

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