Plugs to convert ice cream molds into cupcake and biscuit baking pans

If there is one thing that bothers us about Cookware it is that they are temporary, or that they can only be used on specific dates or events, and that the rest of the time they are taking up space in the kitchen cabinet, giving the feeling of having wasted space. This happens especially when you always lack space to organize and store things, either because you have a small kitchen or because you have too many utensils and appliances.

That is why we think it is a great invention that Lékué has brought out some plugs to turn your ice cream molds into cupcake and biscuit baking pans, among many other things, such as jellies, puddings, flans, cookies, rolls… If you have some of the silicone molds from this Spanish brand, you will already know that they are of excellent quality, being suitable both for placing them in the freezer and in the oven or in the microwave.

Moldes Lékué

The ice cream molds They are also of the same quality, but, of course, they have a hole through which the ice cream stick is inserted. So what they have done to close it is to design some small plugs, the ones you can see in the photos, and this is how a watertight mold is left, like a traditional mold, but with the striking designs that they have in their extensive collection.

So, in addition to giving ice cream molds a new use, the plugs allow us to brand new molds for pastries and homemade desserts, to which we must add that their presentation will be original. It should be noted that these plugs are compatible concerts Lékué ice cream molds, such as the strawberry, cactus, watermelon, pineapple, pretzel, donut and large stackable popsicle molds. In the web of Lékué you can see more details.


The material of these caps is the same as that of the moulds, 100% platinum silicone, suitable for refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher, withstand from -60º C to 220º C, and are sold in packs of ten units. And what about the rest of the Lékué ice cream molds that They are not compatible? Well, we’ll tell you our trick, because we’ve been using these Lékué molds for a long time, of which we have several models, to make confectionery.

If we want to make biscuits in the oven, we cover them with foil, the same as if we make gelatin or some cold elaboration. And if we use them in the microwave, cover the hole with parchment paper or kitchen film microwave safe So simple, and so effective. Now, for the molds compatible with these plugs, it’s great to have them because they are very comfortable to use, in addition, they are now on sale on Amazon and can be purchased for 2.80 euros (their normal price is 3.50 euros), you can find them here.

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