Sugey Ábrego assures that she feels very good with her curves after losing several pounds

Sugey Abrego start very sexy and sensual this 2022.

The diet and exercise of the past year are paying off, and the 43-year-old actress says she is more than satisfied with her figure.

“I haven’t weighed myself, I don’t know how much I’ve lost, but I feel great about how I look now. I have been wearing new clothes that I bought even years ago; for example, about five years ago I bought a size 4 dress, it no longer fit me, but now that I tried it on again it fits me very well, ”said the actress in an interview.

Thanks to his new figure he was able to launch his page (, in which she shares photos with very sensual poses.

subscription costs $15 dollars per month, but far from looking for economic returns, Ábrego assures that she wants to promote female empowerment, in which a woman can decide what and how to show herself.

“I am a 43-year-old woman who has a sexuality and, in addition, has always generated fantasies in men. I will not change my essence for anything, nor by anyone.

“I like to play at being the fantasy of the knights and it’s a lot of fun. It is a digital magazine that will have a different photo every day”, shared the model, who had previously posed for magazines such as Playboy Mexico and H for Men.

Part of her change has not only been physical, but also mental, shared the former politician, since, thanks to taking therapy, she was able to accept herself as she is and improve certain aspects of her life.

“It helped me a lot to recover the strengths that Sugey has, what he knows how to do, empathy with the public, versatility and that is very important.

“Regardless of your age or your physique, you can continue to do things that you are passionate about. If you feel good physically or mentally, it doesn’t matter how much weight you have. Today you have to be well, but healthy, that is reflected in your physique, many times the overweight I was due to that depression, “he said.

She currently does about four hours of exercise, including pilates, stretching, ballet and gym routines in general.

I am the typical Mexican woman, with curves and that’s how we have to enjoy ourselves“.

Parallel to this project, Ábrego will seek to venture into hosting morning shows again this year.

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