Adamari López shared with her followers the interior of her “walk-in closet”

Adamari Lopez She is remodeling her home, and for this adventure she is hiring women she admires and who are professionals in the areas that her house needs, in this case we are talking about reorganizing her “walk-in closet”.

Along with his YouTube video, he left the following description, so that his followers clearly know what the intention of this recording is in such a small space:

As a mother, a woman and a professional, I am always looking for those companies and personalities that have consistently managed to build something valuable. not only for them but to share with others. That’s why today I want to introduce you to my friends from @close_Details_. A talk full of advice and inspiration.

As the video progresses, you can see how Adamari likes to have everything organized, from colors to patterns. Order is important in the lives of Puerto Ricans and this can be seen in how even luxury items from brands like Fendi, Burberry, among others, they are very well packaged.

Another important aspect is his shoes, which now have a super special space and attractive. Which now are no longer in boxes, but out of them to make them look better. Adamari López admits that she likes everything to look nice and completely organized.

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