Evelyn Beltrán shows off her 27th birthday, while Adamari López is told that she looks “very old”, almost 100 years old

Via Instagram Evelyn Beltran She has informed her public that she is about to turn 27 years old, and that this February she is also open to receiving gifts, including dinners. Did you hear Toni Costa? And it is that they say that “La Bichota” is the girlfriend of the ex of Adamari Lopez.

The ironies of life strike ugly, and that is that while Evelyn Beltrán is about to celebrate her 27th birthday, Adamari López is being asked by the public, her fans, to stop losing weight, because they believe that now that she is thinner, like keeps going down is looking bigger and bigger. Now it is very common for many to “joke” asserting that he seems to be much older than 50 years, almost twice as long as they say he is.

But the fans, now that they also know that Evelyn Beltrán turns 27 tomorrow, know that she really likes the music of Natti Natasha and Anuel AA, since she says that currently her favorite song of these is “Diosa”.

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