Jennifer López revolutionizes: she appears in a dental floss dress, with a mirror on her butt and Jomari Goyso reacts

Everyone has reacted to Jennifer Lopez’s dress. At first, many thought that it was just another piece of dental floss, that this time it had a mirror on its “tail”. But no, this is the new dress with which JLo has revolutionized the world of fashion.

This trend caught the eyes of Jomari Goyso, the famous Univision fashion critic and host of Suelta La Sopa. In his social networks, the Spaniard has been forceful when saying: “I don’t see Jennifer Lopez as vulgar, but I know it’s a trend that can be seen as vulgar”.

Jomari also wanted to know the opinion of her followers, to know if they consider that the dress or even JLo herself could look, for them, vulgar with such a particular garment: “Opinion public: Do you think this look looks good or bad regardless of who puts it on? Or does it depend on the body of the person who puts it on? Or the pose?

Jomari’s supporters have responded just as he hoped. Some humorously assuring that they would not see the band-aid on their dress, which resembles a dental floss thong. While others affirm that this is a design more for photography and that in fact it does not look good on all bodies: “I think it is a photography look and not for all bodies”.

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