Kim Kardashian responds to Jennifer Lopez’s black dental floss with a fuchsia one

Kim Kardashian is romantically involved with Pete Davidson.

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Jennifer Lopez She is a diva, and in Hollywood, in addition to being known for her work as an actress and singer, she is also identified by her curves. Same with which Kim Kardashian also competes. But even though this pair of celebrities are friends and get along, there are many who always want to confront them. And sometimes by their respective rearguards.

For example, a couple of hours ago Jennifer López revolutionized the world of fashion again thanks to a particular black dress, with mirror dental floss on the butt.

Jomari Goyso explained the three trends with which JLo has broken into the world of fashion. And this is what the famous Spanish critic had to say: “JLo with the three strongest trends: monochromatic looks, puffy coats with gala clothes. And the two pieces showing abdomen”.

Kim Kardashian He did not want to be left behind and responded with a fuscia dental floss, which he later accompanied with satin shorts in the same color. All this seems to be a pajama set, but they are also the launch of their new line for SKIMS, whose theme addresses Valentine’s Day.

Unfortunately for Kim Kardashian, almost no one has paid much attention to her with these looks, compared to The Diva of the Bronx, and all thanks to the dental floss with a mirror on Jennifer Lopez’s butt.

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