On video, Noelia walks towards the sea with leggings that reveal her dental floss thong


Photo: From NMT, Noelia Management Team / Courtesy

She just shows a little of her curves and immediately the sexy Noelia unleashes low passions in your account Instagram Thanks to those hot attributes that he keeps in perfect shape at 42 years old.

On this occasion, the singer flaunted her eroticism and sensuality in a video where she was admired walking towards the sea while swaying her hips with some tight white leggings that allow you to see her dental floss panties.

“To take off my shoes so I can walk to the seashore and touch the water for a few minutes. I believe a lot in the cleanliness that seawater does to you, ”said the Puerto Rican at the bottom of the clip that has more than 55 thousand reproductions and almost 200 comments.

“What a sensual way to show off all your beauty 😍😍”, “You kill me to see you with those see-through leggings 🤤🤤” and “This woman is the most beautiful, sexy, sensual and suggestive Latina in the world 🔥🔥🙌”, are to mention some of the praise received by Yolandita Monge’s daughter.

A few days ago, Noelia uploaded another material in which she appears wearing high boots, low-cut blouse and fishnet stockings to announce to his fans that he is no longer on the OnlyFans page, so he took the opportunity to invite them to subscribe so they can now see his most sensual content on his Cheryland VIP site.

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