Shaila Dúrcal denies having suffered an eating disorder

Singer Shaila Durcal, who returned to Spain a few years ago to reconnect with his family after a long season living between the United States and Mexico for his professional commitments, has spoken openly in his latest interview about the changes that his weight has been experiencing in recent times, as well as about the gossip that this matter has generated.

The interpreter has managed to lose about 20 kilos since she embraced a very healthy lifestyle, both in terms of nutrition and physical exercise. Likewise, the 42-year-old interpreter, daughter of the ill-fated Rocío Dúrcal, abandoned the harmful habit forever of tobacco to be able to live free of bad smoke.

On her way through the television program ‘Wonderful People’, on the Telemadrid network, the music star wanted to clarify some of the information or rumors that her physique has been causing in recent years. Although she has recognized that since she was a child she had problems dealing with her tendency to gain kilos, the artist has categorically denied having suffered from an eating disorder as such.

The air makes me fat. Losing and gaining weight has always haunted me. One is coping as well as you can. With younger ages I had my head confused with that topic. I never had anorexia but I did have that eating disorder. In addition, with my parents I traveled a lot and it was very difficult“, He has been honest in his talk with the presenter Toñi Moreno.

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