Two Salvadorans with a red Interpol alert were deported by ICE

Both Salvadorans had entered the US illegally.

Photo: ORLANDO ESTRADA / AFP / Getty Images

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) reported this Monday that deported two people who were wanted by the authorities of El Salvador for aggravated homicide, as part of its effort to assist in the arrest of foreign fugitives hiding in the United States.

Óscar Melkin Moreno Romero, 28, and Hernán Quintanilla Herrera, 44, were deported last Friday and handed over to officials of the National Civil Police (PNC) of El Salvador, ICE said in a statement. Both Salvadorans had entered the US illegally.

The Montgomery County, Texas, Sheriff’s Office detained Moreno Romero on June 4, 2021 during a routine traffic stop, where it was discovered that he had an Interpol Red Notice against him for aggravated homicide in El Salvador, calling for his arrest for extradition.

That same day, Moreno Romero was transferred to ICE custody and placed in removal proceedings. On November 22, 2021, an immigration judge issued the removal order, and three weeks later the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) denied an appeal, paving the way for his deportation to El Salvador.

In the case of Quintanilla Herrera, the Salvadoran was arrested on March 21, 2021 in Houston by ICE officers after it was discovered that there was an active Interpol red alert for aggravated homicide and belonging to illicit groups in El Salvador. The deportation was ordered by an immigration judge in July 2021 and the BIA denied the appeal last November.

ICE today urged the public to report foreign fugitives residing in the United States to immigration authorities. The administration of President Joe Biden has said that the deportations are focused on foreigners who pose a threat to the public.

Last week, authorities in Houston, Texas, accused Salvadoran José Óscar Rosales of murdering a Harris County police officer.

According to the Harris District Attorney’s Office, the immigrant has been on the run on a stabbing charge in the county since 1995. He may also be linked to a 2008 murder in El Salvador.

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