Women fake orgasms so men don’t feel bad, study says

Despite the gender equity that women have fought for for decades, taboos still survive in matters of sexuality, and surprisingly some women fake their orgasms so men don’t feel bad. According to a study conducted by the University of South Florida, when it comes to sex, many women still prioritize the needs of their partners over their own.

The researchers analyzed data from more than 600 women, many of whom admitted to faking climax in order not to make their male partners feel “fragile”. Some 47% found that they felt anxiety when they perceived their partners’ masculinity to be precarious, which ultimately reduced their own pleasure.

In general, this perception of an insecure man makes honest sexual communication between partners difficult, as women often worry about not threatening their partner’s masculinity.

Tell me how much you earn and I’ll tell you how many orgasms you have

The researchers also made an interesting finding related to the economic conditions of the couple. They noted that women who earn more money than their male partners are twice as likely to fake orgasms than those who earn less, since the fact that a woman has a better salary than her male partner is somehow also related to a concept of masculinity.

The authors of the research, published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, consider that these women possibly feel that they “castrate” their partners in the financial sense, so they try to make up for them somehow between the sheets.

However, experts believe that this way of women to “protect” men is also a way of hurting them, so it is better open honest communication to understand each other’s sexual needs in the couple and work to satisfy them.

“When society creates a standard of masculinity that is impossible to maintain, no one wins,” said Jessica Jordan, a doctoral student at the University of South Florida and lead author of the study.

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