Former Barcelona player Samuel Eto’o in trouble again with Spanish Treasury

Eto’o owes almost 1 million euros to the Treasury. PHOTO: DANIEL BELOUMOU OLOMO / AFP via Getty Images Foto: Photo: DANIEL BELOUMOU OLOMO/AFP via Getty Images / AFP / Getty… Read more

NASA paid priests to figure out how to deal with aliens

The group of theologians was tasked with addressing how exactly religions would respond to the discovery of extraterrestrial life. Photo: Willbot Studios / Pexels NASA seeks to know “exactly” how… Read more

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Viedma: they offer workshops to recycle bicycles from judicial deposits and then keep them Read more

Three days of mourning in Puerto Rico for the death of former mayor José “Chemo” Soto

“Chemo” Soto is also known for searching for the “chupacabra” in Canóvanas and a gargoyle in various parts of the island. Foto: RICARDO ARDUENGO / AFP / Getty Images The… Read more

“I don’t know, Rick”: Christian Pulisic’s shirt is disparaged in The Price of History [Video]

A man wore a Chelsea shirt signed by Christian Pulisic on the History Chanel show. Foto: Clive Rose / Getty Images Belittled, so it was a autographed Chelsea jersey by… Read more

Omicron variant causes delays in NYC Subway due to lack of personnel

Until noon on Monday the train service remained stable. Photo: Fernando Martínez / Impremedia The speed with which the number of infections of the omicron variant of COVID-19 advances in… Read more

New York personal trainer arrested and charged with shooting his parents at Christmas

The charges that Dino Tomassetti will receive will be according to the evolution of his parents’ health. Foto: Spencer Platt / Getty Images A 29-year-old personal trainer was arrested and… Read more

IMAGES: For transporting 88 endangered animals, 5 people were arrested in El Salvador

Five people who were transporting 88 endangered animals have been arrested in El Salvador. Photo: CHAIDEER MAHYUDDIN / AFP / Getty Images Five people who transported at least 88 endangered… Read more

Meet the ranch in Zacatecas where Ángela Aguilar grew up with her grandparents

Ángela Aguilar is the youngest of the Aguilar Dynasty. Foto: Arturo Holmes / Getty Images When Antonio Aguilar married Flor Silvestre and promised to build her a house, And he… Read more

“Man overboard”: Teen falls from cruise ship and dies, tragedy surprises passengers

A woman was recording video when she hears the alarm signal and panics. Foto: YouTube Fancy CheapSkate32 / Cortesía A 15-year-old teenager died after falling from the MSC Seashore cruise… Read more