American bought several houses for one euro in Italy and this is what he spent to remodel them

An American woman who was part of the famous initiatives of the Italian towns that sell houses for one euro revealed the true cost that she had to face to be able to take possession of the property. In addition, he provided several tips for those who want to be part of this type of program.

Is about Rubia Daniels, who visited Sicily for the first time in 2019. On that occasion, the woman decided to buy 3 properties, one for her and two for her children, at a ridiculous price in the village of Mussomeli. As detailed by the Travel and Leisure portal, the woman paid only one euro for each house.

These programs seek to revitalize and repopulate some towns in Italy that are falling into neglect. The authorities allow you to buy vacant houses for very little money and can even offer financial support for the subsistence of new residents or for the remodeling of buildings. However, the conditions to participate in these initiatives are very specific, in order to ensure a determined investment in the restoration of each place.

Each city has different rules, be it regarding the pricing scheme, the deposit system, the number of architects or lawyers that must be involved, or the time in which the works must be completed to avoid fines.

The case of Rubia Daniels and her one-euro houses in Italy

And Mussomeli, new owners can “do what they want” with the interior, as long as they keep the original facade. Also, Rubia Daniels had to pay a deposit of 5,000 euros (about $ 5,600 dollars) for each home and commit to renovating the constructions within a period of 3 years. Renovation prices can range from $ 120 to $ 900 per square meter, and property sizes typically range from 11 to 190 square meters.

According to the Metro, Daniels has already spent $ 12,000 on the first house and, as budgeted, For the properties to be habitable, you will have to pay another $ 20,000 for each one of them. In this sense, the American seeks to alert people who want to embark on “the Italian dream.”

For Rubia, before making a decision, it is necessary to be realistic. “If they sell you a house for one euro, it is because you have to fix it.”

Despite everything, the brand new owner is in love with the town – 2 hours from Palermo – and satisfied with her neighbors, whom she describes as “very welcoming”. He does not regret his decision. On the local community, he said: “They really make it easier for people to come and pursue their dreams. Mussomeli is becoming a multicultural place with people from all over the world ”.

In addition, he assured that it was “a very positive experience.” He has even convinced several family and friends to buy their houses there, so they all retire together in that town.

As the main suggestion, the woman recommends thoroughly researching the process before embarking on the adventure and quickly choosing the property of choice. “If you find the location you want, let them know that you want to register at that house. There are people looking for these houses and you have to be prepared, so make sure you have options. ” In addition, he advises not to buy online, since it is convenient to see the property in person before making the decision.

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