The Most Unusual Dining Experiences Across America

These are some of the most original restaurants in the United States, offering the most unique and fun experiences. In addition to delicious menus.

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There is no doubt that the gastronomic wealth is represented by the most emblematic restaurants and in the United States there are wonderful proposals of the highest quality. However, it is also striking to say that in addition there are a fair amount of quirky and unusual dining experiences across the country worth checking out. From a restaurant under a cave, or a space where you can watch mermaids swim while you eat, to places inside old train cars, there are wonderful culinary venues in the US! Discover some of the most emblematic and iconic, without a doubt they are good proposals to discover this 2022.

1. Alabama: Rattlesnake Saloon, Tuscumbia

One of Alabama’s most iconic culinary venues is Rattlesnake Saloon, an original restaurant that is located under a huge hanging rock. It is an ideal space to dine outdoors and the best thing is that it has live music. True to its name, it is easy to imagine a family of rattlesnakes living in this place. About their menu: It is inspired by a Wild West theme and the food is said to be delicious. Loved by all who visit, it offers comforting dishes like loaded haystacks (fries topped with cheese and bacon), bronco bits (breaded and deep-fried pickles), and the buckaroo (smoked ham, turkey, bacon, and salad on a roll. ). Without a doubt, one of the restaurants that you have to visit at some point in your life.

2. Alaska: The Smoke Shack, Seward

Mounted right on the edge of a fjord in the city of Seward, near the Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska, is this magnificent restaurant: The Smoke Shack. Housed in an old bright blue and yellow train car, it’s an exquisite barbecue restaurant with a quirky difference: diners can sit in the old train car seats (temporarily unavailable, but outdoor seating is.) In such a way that you can enjoy a picturesque experience in nature, with a rich menu of typical American barbecue mixed with Mexican food. Among the most famous items they serve pulled pork and rotisserie chicken sandwiches, also known to be breakfast favorites – burritos, huevos rancheros, and buttermilk pancakes – perfect for cold weather!

3. Arkansas: Flying Fish, Little Rock

For seafood lovers visiting Little Rock, Arkansas: You can’t miss Flying Fish, a restaurant that serves food with a southern Cajun twist. Try the lobster stew, grilled catfish, Louisiana jambalaya, or grits and gumbo, paired with a delicious frozen margarita. However, there is a peculiar detail that makes this restaurant unusual are the hundreds of fish singing Billy Bass that cover the walls, a detail that people love. What’s more, Billy Bass are gifts donated by loyal customers across the United States.

4. California: Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar, San Francisco

One of the most original favorites on the list is Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar, a tiki-themed lounge and restaurant that is located at the Fairmont hotel in San Francisco. This magnificent and tropical space, opened in 1945. Its beautiful decoration with tropical plants and a huge central lagoon is striking. Upon entering it is easy to feel like a trip to Polynesia. There is even a stage for live music. Although, among the main attractions is the unique experience offered by visiting a restaurant so different that it offers a unique experience, it is worth mentioning that the menu is also quite good. Highlights include grilled miso salmon, grilled Tongan ribeye, and coconut curry seafood.

5. Colorado: The Airplane Restaurant, Colorado Springs

This unusual restaurant in Colorado Springs is housed in an old Boeing KC-97 tanker truck. Built in 1953, this aircraft flew around the world before being decommissioned in 2002. It has capacity for 42 “passengers” in the 275-seater plane, its decoration is completely thematic and it is surrounded by historical aviation objects. The best of all is that in this original restaurant you will not find the bland food that characterizes airplanes, since they offer: tasty burgers, salads, seafood, steaks and ribs.

6. Connecticut: Traveler Restaurant, Union

This is the restaurant that will conquer all book lovers, the Traveler restaurant in Connecticut, is characterized by the genius of eating surrounded by shelves of paperbacks. The best part is that you will get three free books to take out after your meal. Wonderful! In addition, the menu is as attractive as the novels, since it offers: battered seafood, various pastas and sandwiches, their desserts are also recommended with special emphasis.

7. Tennessee: Aquarium Restaurant, Nashville

Another of the most loved by young and old, with one of the most original proposals is the Aquarium restaurant in Nashville: which focuses on the experience of dining under the sea. Diners have the unique opportunity to enjoy your dishes sitting around a 200,000 gallon tank, full of all the sea animals you can imagine: from sharks and manta rays to sea turtles. On special occasions, there are even mystical mermaids who swim through the depths of the water. Regarding food, it is a seafood and meat restaurant, on the menu there are rich options that suit all tastes such as the iconic fish tacos, Maryland crab cakes, seafood dishes and chicken rolls. Customers say it’s an “amazing experience” and they love the food tooFurthermore, we cannot fail to mention that it is one of the best experiences for children.

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