2% of COVID-19 infections in Catalonia are reinfections

One 2% of total infections that are produced in Catalonia are reinfecciones of covid-19. Since the start of the pandemic, Salut has registered 1,405,702 confirmed cases by PCR or antigen test. Of these, some 28.402 (2%) are reinfections, as explained this Wednesday by the Secretary of Public Health, Carmen Cabezas.

Between the under 50 years old, 8.03% of the cases are reinfections. Between the over 50 years old, reinfections account for 5.25% of total infections.

Dr. Cabezas has also announced that the ‘conselleria’ began last week a campaign on Tinder to encourage vaccination among young people, especially those between 20 and 49 years old. The campaign will run until 12th of January.

Catalonia, as explained by the Secretary of Public Health, it has not yet reached the peak of infections, although there are indicators such as reproduction index (the Rt, which measures the speed at which the virus reproduces) are already going down. “Now we are seeing the contagions of Christmas and Sant Esteve; We still have a few days to observe the end of the year cases, “said Cabezas.

Even so, infections continue to grow (although at a slower rate) and this also increases the number of hospitalizations, although the hospital pressure is not as great as in other waves.

In Catalan hospitals there is this Wednesday 1,856 patients in hospitals with covid-19, of which 468 are in ucis. In addition, last Monday, the primary care centers (CAP) received a record of visits: 75,000 in a single day. A 3,38% of the toilets are currently out of work due to covid-19 and, among the general population, the highest incidence is found among people between 40 and 49 years of age.

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In fact, as explained by the Head of the Intensive Medicine Service of the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital (Can Ruti), Pilar Ricart, Most of the patients who are in ucis for covid-19 are over 60 years old and more than 50% of these “are not vaccinated”. Among the vaccinated who are in ucis, those who have not yet received the third dose stand out.

“For now, the presence of omicron in the ucis is anecdotal, but there are more in conventional plant. We do not know if it will increase [la presencia de ómicron en ucis] the next few days, “said Ricart. Salut’s impression is that this variant is less serious than others.


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