Anuel boasts another brilliant jewel after the gift to his son that caused controversy and they tell him about everything

Anuel also caused controversy over the Christmas gift he gave his little son

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Anuel has returned to show off one of his brilliant jewels and has again caused a stir on social media. They tell him that in the absence of having something else to show the world, he shows his expensive acquisitions, and it is that he always does it without dissimulation.

The artist of the urban genre, who A few weeks ago, he surprised his ex Karol G at a concert in Puerto Rico, He showed on his Instagram account a ring full of diamonds and that he enjoys having a small silhouette of himself in the center.

The comments exploded and they have told him everything, especially in the publication about it that Suelta La Sopa has made.

“Tell me what you boast about and I will tell you what you lack”, “Let him show off Christ”, “And at the end of the day not even her jewelry or luxury cars give her the peace that her soul needs”, “Millionaire on the outside and so poor on the inside”, “What a sadness so much poverty and bragging” and “There are people so empty that they do not know how to be happy and begin to show off their riches” are some of the words that have been said to the artist of the urban genre.

“This second new part of the album is going to be HALL OF FAME!!!!!!!! 👹🏆 I SWEAR IT !!!!!!!!! ”was what the singer wrote in the publication he made and where he first showed the ring through his Instagram account.

In Christmas, Anuel AA caused a stir due to the expensive gift she gave her young son. A Rolex full of diamonds was the Christmas gift that the artist gave the boy, who while keeping the watch wearing on one of his wrists, looked directly at the camera that recorded it.

That gift sparked comments from social media users, who They even said that Anuel does not share quality time with his son.

“El Niño doesn’t want that! El Niño wants quality time with daddy! “

“And the sad boy … because he wanted a toy”

“What a vanity !!!!! The reflection of what is lacking. “

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