COVID: Face-to-face classes postponed in Sinaloa due to coronavirus cases

In agreement with the Ministry of Health, state educational authorities determined to suspend face-to-face classes at all school levels, just three days after restarting most of the 5,256 schools, given the growth of COVID-19 infections .

Horacio Lora Oliva, Undersecretary of Public Education and Culture of the State announced that this suspension will be temporary, so that next day 17 of this month, the pandemic situation is reassessed and it is determined whether to continue with the remote system or to return to the classrooms.

At a press conference, the state Secretary of Health, Héctor Melesio Cuen Ojeda highlighted that the number of positive patients increased to 360 new cases in just 24 hoursTherefore, this situation was analyzed with the educational authorities and, given the risk of contagion in children, the determination was made.

He stressed that in this new outbreak of infections what is perceived is that the fatality rate decreased, but international registries show higher infections in minors, where the population that has not been vaccinated is located.

Last Monday, the Secretary of Public Education and Culture of the State, Graciela Domínguez Nava, announced that with the exception of about 800 educational establishments, in the rest of the schools the students had returned to the classrooms.

However, the secretary of Section 53 of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE), Fernando Sandoval Angulo announced that in a greater number of school buildings, parents decided not to send their children to classes, due to the outbreak of new cases of coronavirus.

He warned that in the teaching sector, where the year 2021 closed with more than six hundred teachers killed due to the pandemic, there were no conditions to return to the classroom, so the recommendation is to return to the remote system, while the contagion curve is not reduced.



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