COVID: “I was already dead”: Amelia survives the coronavirus and celebrates 90th birthday with third dose

After three months in bed with oxygen and with a reserved prognosis, Amelia Zavala Barajas, almost 90 years old, today celebrated the application of her third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I am a survivor of COVID”

“I was already dead last year from COVID, I was on oxygen for about three months. I did not want to be intubated. ‘If I die, let it be at home'”, said.

“I am a survivor of COVID”, he highlighted.

“The doctors told us to expect the worst. He was very serious from November 2020 to January this year”, said her daughter Paola, who is a gereontologist and accompanied and cared for her throughout the process of her illness that she contracted before receiving her vaccinations.

He said that the first two doses were from Sinovac and he received them in Tepatitlán.

With cane in hand, Amelia went this afternoon to the macromodule of the Benito Juárez Auditorium accompanied by two of her daughters.

Upon leaving, after receiving your booster from the AstraZeneca laboratory, He said happy that he will be able to celebrate his 90th birthday with his 11 children on January 29.

The appointments for the application of the third dose for older adults are applied in the macromodules of the Benito Juárez auditorium and the one located in the CAT in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga.

In the first mentioned site the inoculation is agile, as commented by older adults interviewed at the exit, as they agreed that the entire process takes a maximum of half an hour.

In addition, the authorities allow a person to accompany them to help them.



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