Eric del Castillo shows his new home and tells all about the sale of his old mansion

Days ago it was reported that the actor Eric del Castillo and his wife Kate Trujillo had sold their mansion in Mexico to move to Los Angeles with his daughter Kate del Castillo; however, the change of residence was done in the same country.

Eric and Kate’s other daughter, Verónica del Castillo, had commented in an interview that after the sale of the large mansion where his parents lived for many years, there was the possibility that they would move to California, U.S.

Apparently This plan has not yet taken place and what the 87-year-old actor decided was to buy a smaller property in the same Mexico.

The couple’s new home was shown through the cameras of “Hoy Día”, who spoke with him about the reason for the move, the job opportunities that the actor currently has and about the covid-19 vaccine.

We were forced to change houses because the one in Pedregal was too big for the two of us and very expensive.“Said del Castillo.

He also clarified that “fortunately I can live without working“. Although he does say that currently it is very difficult for him to find work.

Count that producers request five videos as part of a casting and the truth is that this is difficult for an actor with his career.

According to what was shown in the video the new house is quite comfortable and pretty. It is already completely decorated to the taste of Eric and Kate, with all the memories of younger years.

Although both they spent most of their lives in the old mansion, they are not dissatisfied with the decision made now and with the new place.

It is not known if in the coming months what his daughter Veronica said will come true and they will have to move closer to Kate in Los Angeles.

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