Father of 14-year-old Hispanic man accused of triple homicide did not know his son had a gun

Garland Police Expedited Search for Abel Alias ​​Acosta; his father turned himself in to the authorities.

Photo: Garland Police Department / Courtesy

Richard Acosta Jr., 33, He did not know that his 14-year-old son Abel Elias Acosta had a gun with him With which he allegedly killed three teenagers inside a store in Garland, Texas, and injured four more people on December 26, Acosta’s legal representative reported.

Elias Acosta’s father’s attorney, Heather Harris, told the Dallas Morning News that the evidence will show that he did not know that his son “was going to do what he did.”

Elias’s father went to pick up some medicines

But nevertheless, Richard Acosta Jr. is charged with capital murder After allegedly being her son’s getaway driver, according to the police, security footage from outside and inside the store shows a shirtless man walking toward the store holding a gun, then opens the door and from that point shoots three teenagers identified as Xavier González, 14, Iván Noyola, 16, and Rafael García, 17.

Heather Harris noted that the evidence will show that Richard Acosta Jr. initially went to the convenience store to pick up medicine for his wife. and that after returning to his truck his son told him that he needed something and went in alone.

Acosta Jr.’s representative pointed out that after Elias opened fire inside the store, he became “hysterical” and took him home, but as soon as they arrived, the teenager fled in an unknown direction aboard another vehicle. wanted for triple homicide.

Abel Elias still does not appear

The Garlan Police Department indicated that they often do not share such detailed information about a minor, but in this case it was necessary: ​​”It is not the practice to disclose information of minors, but due to the nature of the crime and the potential risk to the public, the court has authorized the disclosure of their information.”

According to the police, Abel Elías Acosta is a young Hispanic with fair skin, dark hair, brown eyes, is 5 feet tall and weighs approximately 125 pounds.

Crime Stoppers offered a $ 5,000 reward to anyone who provides information that may lead the police to the whereabouts of Abel Elías Acosta.

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