Julio César Chávez Jr.’s wife assures that the Mexican is a sick person who “tries to avoid his feelings by taking pills”

Chávez Jr. accused his wife of placing him in a rehabilitation clinic.

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Frida muñoz, wife of Julio César Chávez Jr., was interviewed by the program Wake up America and he was sincere about what he feels about “Julito” at the moment: described him as a sick person that he has not wanted to be treated and that he follows the patterns of his father, Julio César Chávez.

He is a sick person who does not know what he is saying. I do not judge him, he comes from a very difficult childhood and is repeating the patterns that he lived with his father. You are sick, you try to avoid your feelings by taking pills, blaming others“Declared his wife.

Muñoz added that his children understand how difficult it has been to deal with Chávez Jr.’s illness, but he does not elaborate on the condition to which he refers. She is tired of the stormy relationship she has lived with the son of The Great Champion, to the point that she just leaves him “in the hands of God.”

These statements are not spontaneous. The new controversy arose from the accusations of Chávez Jr. to Frida: the Mexican fighter said that his wife admitted him to the rehab clinic in which she was for several weeks for diet pills and also neglected her children during that time.

Not only the childhood of Julio César Chávez Jr. was difficult. The relationship with Julio César Chávez has been broken on numerous occasions and he himself has spoken of the mistreatment he has received from his father.

And at the same time, with his wife he has lived a roller coaster of emotions in recent months: an attempted divorce in 2021, the completion of this process in an apparent reconciliation, and the events previously mentioned.

Currently Julio César Chávez Jr. and Frida Muñoz each seem to be on their own side, so a legal and definitive separation gains strength.


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