Lawyer for the man who drove a van with human remains defines him as a ‘hapless thief’

Eric Hollan was detained by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.

Photo: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police / Getty Images / Courtesy

Eric Holland, 57, turned a police traffic stop in Las Vegas, Nevada, into a veritable manhunt that led to his arrest after he the officers discovered inside the truck that he was driving a head, as well as human remains by Richard P. Miller.

Days after the discovery, Eric Holland’s legal representative, David Westbrook, announced that your client’s bail request was denied because he faces a murder charge and argued that the detainee may have been “An unfortunate car thief who just picked the wrong car.”

Exhibit evidence against Eric Holland

It was on December 23 that Eric Holland was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada, after he the traffic officers will find in some coolers sealed with adhesive tapes in the trunk of a 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche car that the defendant allegedly stole after getting out of another car that he had also illegally stolen.

Attorney David Westbrook told the US press that it made no sense for Eric Holland to carry parts of a human body by Richard P. Miller into a truck while being pursued by the police.

Eric Holland and Richard P. Miller were old acquaintances

For her part, the judge Harmony Letizia issued an order for Eric Holland to remain in jail until his hearing is held on January 27, which allows to present more evidence in the case and noted that: “The evidence is evident and the presumption is great that Mr. Holland committed a murder.”

As the police and prosecutors revealed that Richard P. Miller and Eric Holland knew each other, but they did not disclose the motive for the murder, but they did reveal that his body had multiple gunshot wounds.

Additionally, prosecutor Giancarlo Pesci presented photos of Miller’s head to the judge and questioned two police detectives who testified that they found receipts for an electric saw, as well as other items.

Despite the accusations, David Westbrook pointed out that your client intends to plead not guilty of all charges.

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