Passenger blames Southwest Airlines for the death of her support dog during a flight

Charlie’s owner blames Southwest Airlines for her dog’s death.

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A grieving healthcare worker blames Southwest Airlines for her dog’s death, which he used to help comfort his covid-19 patients.

The woman, uniquely identified as Courtney, told TMZ that his 3-year-old French bulldog named Charlie couldn’t breathe in his dog carrier during a flight to Pennsylvania last month.

Courtney, an X-ray technician, who traveled across the country to help covid-19 patients with the support of her dog, told the outlet that Charlie began to have problems during the second leg of his trip on May 21. December.

When she tried to open the carrier, a flight attendant did not allow it and threatened to turn the plane around and get her off the plane, according to reports.

A healthcare worker claims Southwest Airlines is to blame for the death of his dog Charlie after he had trouble breathing during a flight in December.
Charlie’s owner now plans to sue the airline. (Photo: Evan Oshan)

Courtney believes the dog suffered heat stroke and a seizure during the flight, and alleged that Southwest staff “let him die”; a necropsy was not performed on the dog.

Charlie’s owner now plans to sue the airline for the loss of his dog and for his pain and suffering, according to some media.

Courtney also wants the flight attendant who allegedly refused to help her fired, they reported; Southwest only offered to refund his tickets after the flight.

Courtney claims the dog had heatstroke and a seizure during the flight.
Courtney claims the dog suffered heat stroke. (Photo: Evan Oshan)

The airline issued a statement to the media saying it is “disheartened to learn of the death of Courtney’s pet.”

Tens of thousands of customers travel with cats and dogs each month on Southwest. While on board the aircraft, pets must remain in their well-ventilated luggage racks at all times for the comfort and safety of other customers, ”said Southwest.

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