Ready to return: Ericksen affirms that he is well and wants to play the Qatar 2022 World Cup [VIDEO]

Ericksen is looking for a team after terminating his contract with Inter.

Photo: Francois Nel / Getty Images

Danish Christian Eriksen gave his first interview since that cardiac arrest he suffered in June during the Denmark-Finland match at Euro 2020, which shocked the whole world and of which He is fully recovered and ready to play soccer again.

In that interview with Danish public television DR, Ericksen confessed that he returns to sports for the “love” of football and made clear his intentions to participate in the Qatar 2022 World Cup with the Denmark team.

“I think it is the love of playing football. Can I see myself without football when I know the doctors say I’m fine? Then nothing inside me tells me I don’t have to play “He said in the interview that will be broadcast in full this Thursday.

In that sense, the former Inter Milan player stated that he is not afraid that he may experience a situation similar to that of the Eurocup for the rest of his career. “No way, not even close. At first, I was careful thinking about how much my heart could hold after what happened. But now I feel that they have made me as many tests as possible, so no, I have no fear that it could happen again ”, he stressed.

For his part, the midfielder said he was grateful for people’s displays of affection. “It’s not that I wanted people to send me flowers because I was dead for five minutes. But it was very special. It was so nice, and so many good wishes that have come to me in this time have helped me. Even now there are people who keep writing to me ”, he confessed.

In turn, he recalled the moment of cardiac arrest, acknowledged that it was a tough time for everyone and was grateful for having overcome that. “People saw it and cried in their classrooms or wherever they saw it, and they lived it through. Nonetheless I’m lucky to be here today and show you that ‘thanks for the tears, but I’m still here’.

At 29, Ericksen is free after having terminated his contract with Inter due to the fact that Serie A regulations prohibit you from playing football with your implanted defibrillator after the health situation he went through during the Eurocup.

However, the footballer has kept training in his country and in private facilities with the intention of recovering the physical form that allows him sign a new contract with a team that is interested in him, that according to his agent, there are several.

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