Sirey Morán exclusively talks about her new life after living dark moments

Sirey Morán is living one of the best moments of his life: he gave the first crown to his country, Honduras, has a one-year contract as a Univision talent, after have won ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’, and is ready to give her best.

However, before all this he experienced moments of many sacrifices to defend their dignity, to give themselves to be respected as a woman Y not agree to have sex with a businessman for $ 5,000 in exchange for her crown being respected in Miss Universe.

Exclusively, in the middle of your visit to Honduras, Sirey talks with us about her new life, her future and the dark moments that make her the strong woman she is today.

-You left Honduras looking for a dream, and you returned to the whole country fulfilling the dream …

Sirey Morán: Yes, thank God we made it. Sirey was born in Honduras, goes to the United States, then returns to Honduras again, and from Honduras to the world as they would say … I am leaving after making a tremendous sacrifice, quitting my job, with many doubts, with many fears, stopping the University and that sacrifice, that decision took a lot of value on me.

After 9 weeks, in ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’, of getting a pass among more than 6 thousand women, now being the winner is something wonderful, but more wonderful is how Honduras received me.

-What did you feel when the airport doors were opened, and you found all that public receiving you with so much love?

Sirey Morán: I had to take the time for those tears to come out, to vent, not to damage my makeup and they saw me as beautiful as they expected me … The fact of seeing senior citizens, adults, children, and everyone celebrating in the same way, is gratifying. I think the most beautiful part is not only having this wonderful crown on your head, but also what it means and that was what I said, even when I was one of the 4 finalists, It means an effort, a courage, taking away my fears, it means the Latino immigrant, because not only Hondurans voted for meI also see how it has caused a tremendous impact on the youth, and I see that there is a desire for them to want to get ahead in what they set out to do, and I love that, it is the most valuable thing.

Sirey Morán is received by her people in Honduras. Photo: Univision

-Before winning, you said that you wanted to give him that queen that your country could never have, how do you feel about having achieved it?

Sirey Morán: There is a phrase that is now very famous and that Sirey says it within ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ without planning it, and the value it has is tremendous, She arrived in Honduras, at the airport, and people chanted her, shouted: “When a Honduran triumphs, Honduras triumphs”… It is incredible that such a short sentence has such tremendous power, and that now people not only say it, shout it, but live it. A Honduran woman triumphed thanks to the votes of so many people.

– Becoming this phenomenon is very beautiful, but it also carries a great responsibility, everything you do, what you say is going to be replicated in a lot of people, how do you take it?

Sirey Morán: That responsibility is very great, people already tell me, we don’t want it to change, and we love how it is … If Sirey assembled a character sooner or later, the mask that is not me would fall, but when you bring roots from home that is what it is … I tell people that I am not going to change. The real competition begins after I crown myself, not with 9 girls, not with challenges, but with the real challenges of life, with this approach that Sirey has that I won an award, I am now part of Univision, and my focus is to grow, continue learning every day and be able to continue working in this company, and in what God puts me that is my big dream. Here comes the responsibility that is to represent my country in the best way, on the stage where I place myself.

-How was it meeting your family: your grandmother, your mother?

Sirey Morán: When the airport doors open, The first thing I see is my mom with a sign waiting for me, and it was very nice because she is very humble, and she loves to be a fanatic, like those of soccer, of her daughter and she always goes with her label as very euphoric. Then I saw my grandmother, who even took the time when I won the crown to go, obviously with her mask and all, to a public place where my fans were, the ‘Team Sirey’, who for me are not really fans, they are a family.

Sirey Morán with her family in Honduras
Sirey Morán with her family in Honduras. Photo: Sirey Morán

-What did your grandmother say about the sensual dances?

Sirey Morán: I was very scared, the teacher always told her: “you’re going to kill my grandmother when she sees me doing those movements like this”… He goes to the Evangelical Church and everything, but no, she didn’t say anything to me, she’s super proudEven I asked my dad, when I saw him at the competition, if my grandmother is watching the program, and he told me, “His grandmother stops talking to everyone, what’s more, the Church goes another day of the week so as not to miss ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’”.

-When you go to sleep alone, and recapitulate everything you are experiencing, what do you think?

Sirey Morán: After getting crowned I return to the empty mansion, there was no other girl, only a chaperone and someone from security. They give me my cell phone back, after 3 weeks I was bursting and I wanted to prioritize WhatsApp messages from the closest people… I enter the networks and They were all photos of me with other people when I met them at some point in my life, and I see a celebration of Hondurans on 8th Street in Miami… Then the celebration in Honduras. The time comes to be alone and I say: “I did it, I did it.”

In the award of ‘Our Beauty Latina ‘there was an economic prize of an amount of money, which although it was different from the other years, for me it is valuable because I was carrying a debt, and just crowned, when they already gave me my prize, the first thing I did was pay that debt. It is a liberation for me, for my family who suffered with me in situations, and I cried and I say, how cute it is! not because it helped me, it makes me very happy, because from the moment I entered the contest I told people, ‘Our Latin Beauty’ for me is a chance of life, of reinventing myself. Many times people believe that life is rosy, and I came to Honduras looking for a new opportunity, and it was the best decision than from Honduras to there, and everything that is happening to me is very beautiful, the opportunity I have to free myself, something that held me down for a long time, that’s why it was worth it.

-How do you want to start this new life where what seemed to be one of your biggest concerns is no longer there?

Sirey Morán: First of all I share this in order to inspire others, I did not win the lottery, I worked hard to earn what I have, and I know that many people suffer from day to day, even people who sometimes see well, but who cover what they are really living, It happened to me, and I want to give this message, that we can do things. I know how many Latinos work hard in the United States, including our people, in our countries, to get ahead and I see the greatness of God in me. Now comes a new stage, free of burdens and it is crazy because I am always a very organized woman and After what happened with Miss Honduras, Miss Universe, I am out of work, I have to cover my things, and suddenly I get into a hole

Now that I go back to my life from before I am actually happy, because I am the Sirey that I have always been, and those chains that bound me are broken, and now it’s time to work, someday I want to have my house, I want to have children, I want my children to have a different story from mine, that although mine is wonderful, I want theirs to be different, with comforts and thus also wonderful, full of love like mine …

Sirey Moran
Sirey Morán. Photo: Sirey Morán

My mom and dad brought me into an environment that gave me everything as they could, with a lot of sacrifice, and now that I have the opportunity to be in that new lifestyle I want to continue inspiring others, but also make personal growth for Sirey and prepare for the day God bless me with being a mom, but first you have to meet the husband.

-What does this successful Sirey, who has a great future ahead of her, say to that Sirey who one day also had dreams but who was cut short because she did not want to be with a man for 5,000 dollars to win a contest?

Sirey Morán: I would congratulate the Sirey from before, I would congratulate the Sirey of the present because for more money she would have had today, if the Sirey from before had not protected her, not all the money in the world has bought me peace, and now I have that peace, because although I was a girl with many fears, insecurity, I always took good care of myself… I would tell him to keep working hard because something wonderful is coming later, even though he was about to experience a dark moment, that they were going to take away his crown, that they were going to dismiss him, something great was going to learn from it. I would congratulate her because she was smaller and I always take care of myself.



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