Trump repents and cancels a press conference on January 6, the anniversary of his followers’ violence on Capitol Hill

President Trump canceled his press conference scheduled for January 6.

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Former President Donald Trump canceled his January 6 press conference in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, through a statement, where he states that he will speak at his rally in Arizona about the insurrection in the Capitol that date last year.

The president accused that there is a bias in the investigation of the Select Committee in the House of Representatives on this matter, although there are Republicans in the panel.

“In light of the total bias and dishonesty of the Jan 6 Non-Elected Democratic Committee, two failed Republicans and the fake news media, I will cancel the Jan 6 press conference in Mar-a-Lago on Thursday,” said the president.

He confirmed that he will discuss “a lot of those important issues” at his rally on Saturday, January 15, in Arizon.

“There will be a huge crowd!” He stated.

The ex-president’s decision occurs when some of his allies, such as Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) and Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham, questioned the viability of that press conference.

Graham told Axios that he and Trump discussed the press conference during a golf game over the weekend.

“It could be dangerous to hold a press conference … It is better to focus on electoral reform instead,” Graham would have told the former president.

This Wednesday in the Senate there is an appearance of the Chief of the Capitol Police, Thomas Manger, who so far has affirmed that this police group would be ready in the event of a similar insurrection.

Tomorrow, the president Joe Biden will give a speech on the first anniversary of the events that tried to stop the certification of the Electoral College’s votes in Congress.

Former President Trump has tried to challenge himself to the problem that originated on January 6 after a press conference, but the House is moving forward with the investigation, in parallel with the Department of Justice.

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