Vinicius forgets about Kenia Os and now flirts with a Venezuelan model

Vinicius Junior became interested in a Venezuelan again. Will he be lucky?

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Vinicius Júnior is not only noticed on the courts, but also on social media. After having Flirted with Mexican influencer Kenia Os, now the winger of Real Madrid He set his eye on a Venezuelan model.

It is about Ninoska Vásquez, winner of the Miss Earth 2017 pageant, known for having been the protagonist of the video clip “No se me quita”, performed by Maluma in collaboration with Ricky Martin.

A few days ago, Ninoska shared on Instagram a photo in which she appears posing with swimsuit in the Los Roques Archipelago. “Hello baby, this is Venezuela”, it reads in the caption.

Flirt between Vinicius and Ninoska

Later, the Brazilian soccer player not only gave him Like, but also he also left her a red heart. In it, the 29-year-old model he responded with a white heart.

“The only good thing about Vinicius is his money”, wrote a user in the post. In this sense, Vásquez fed the rumors by answering: “Why? Do you already know him? It is worth noting that these comments They are no longer on Instagram.

In another post, a follower of Ninoska commented: “I’m only here for Vinicius.” The influencer, laughing, wrote a “How bad”, to sow more doubt.

This is not the first time that Real Madrid star He is interested in a Venezuelan influencer. Between 2019 and 2020 I used to exchange comments and emojis with Corina Smith, remembered for her participation in the youth series It’s you and me: A new day.

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