Your new career? Usain Bolt will return with another music album in 2022

Bolt has always been drawn to the music industry.

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After becoming one of the best athletes in history by winning 8 gold medals at the Olympic Games, the former sprinter Usain Bolt you already have in mind the continuation of what could be a new professional career: lto music.

Bolt found in music a new inspiration and it is that the September 3, 2021 launched his first Musical Album titled Country Yutes, in collaboration with his manager and best friend Nugent Walker. Contrary to what could be expected, the Jamaican ended up triumphing after the disc entered the Billboard’s Top 10 Reggae Albums.

Now 2022 would bring Bolt’s continuation in the industry, as revealed in an interview with the English newspaper The Sun at the beginning of the year.

Music is only part of me. Locked up I wasn’t doing much, so I thought I might take the opportunity to get into music, as it’s something I love to do. “Bolt revealed.

“For me, the album we made was just to show people that we mean business. When we started, people thought I was joking and bored of doing nothing, but I wanted to let them know that I was serious.”He added about his production.

According to nearby rumors, Bolt would be interested in doing more collaborations and would also negotiate live concerts that would include performances with UK artists., although at the moment the names are not confirmed.

“I wanted to do a proper job and post it. Now that we have done it, people are coming to work with us, so I’m going to be doing a lot more this year ”, he concluded.

The former athlete’s first work has 14 songs; Although he does not lend his voice to the songs because, according to what he said on one occasion, he wants to follow the paths of DJ Khaled in the music.

I don’t sing the songs, but I want to produce, I want to be part of them because I love music very much. So, for me, that’s my biggest inspiration. ”, He commented on his first album.

This was Bolt’s first single as a musician, released on July 9, 2021:

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