Britney Spears enjoys her first glass of wine in 13 years

The life of Britney Spears had been strictly controlled by his father, Jamie Spears, for more than a decade.

She was not allowed to drive, or handle her own money, and now that the oppressive legal guardianship that weighed on her is definitely over, you’re exploring some of the things that held you back for so long.

Last December, for example, he enjoyed a romantic getaway to Mexico with Sam Asghari to celebrate his 40th birthday and, likewise, his betrothal.

On this occasion, Britney showed once again that she is making the most of her regained freedom and decided to have his first glass of wine in 13 years, letting go of her hair to the rhythm of the music of her good friend Madonna.

The pop princess thus vindicated her right to pamper herself a little and letting himself be carried away by his desires, something that until not so long ago was practically forbidden.

“It sure seems strange to see me dancing to Madonna. It’s not that I’m trying, it’s that I’m getting carried away… That’s what his music achieves. I had my first glass of wine in 13 years, I think it was about time“The singer wrote on her Instagram account, before reminding her followers that looking after their needs and desires is something that, curiously, she has learned from her family.

“My family taught me well with their actions, to be selfish and to love oneself, so here we go! In a world in which everyone has the right to talk, drive, buy alcohol, party, have money … I’m going to have to apologize for enjoying life in full view of everyone, “he said in his post in which, In fact, it does not appear, only published an image of a garden in which its flowers stand out.

Britney Spears managed to get a Los Angeles Superior Court judge to grant her an immediate end to the guardianship last November, freeing the singer from her father’s yoke.

The ruling was a new victory for her, who in June 2021 spoke out against her father for the first time, describing her position as guardian as “abusive”, among other unpleasant issues that came to light such as Jamie spying on her. singer through a surveillance system that included everything from monitoring her calls and conversations to recording audio in her bedroom.

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