Britney Spears takes her clothes off completely on Instagram and poses in front of the camera

Britney Spears.


Britney Spears He took advantage of his Instagram account to show that at 40 years of age he still maintains those curves that melted the gentlemen as in the best moments of his artistic career.

A few hours ago the “princess of pop” delighted the pupil of her more than 38 million fans and was encouraged to defy the censorship of the famous social network with a couple of photos where she appears posing in front of the camera without any clothes!

“Free woman energy has never felt better 🎀”, is the short text that is read in the daring postcards of the singer who in a few minutes managed to accumulate hundreds of thousands of red hearts.

(Swipe to see the images)

Thirteen years had to pass for Britney Spears to regain her freedom and thus make decisions on her own at 40 years old and happy because her petition finally ruled in her favor after the judge on November 12 Brenda Penny terminated the guardianship maintained by his father James Spears since 2008.

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