Costa Rica to MLB: 16-year-old Costa Rican prospect is followed by the Los Angeles Dodgers and will be tested in the Dominican Republic

The young Costa Rican is capable of throwing 88 miles per hour.

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Costa Rica has a potential major league player. The 16-year-old young prospect Juan Francisco Estrella Tatis He traveled to the Dominican Republic to showcase his talents, which are closely followed by several MLB teams, especially the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Kansas City Royals.

Estrella is a right hand pitcher, which according to reports, reaches speeds of up to 88 miles per hour. And in addition, it has a slider in its repertoire of releases.

The information was reviewed by the Delfino newspaper, which adds that the young Costa Rican travels thanks to the interest he generated in the Dodgers and the Royals. The tryouts you will perform in the Dominican Republic will surely determine whether you sign a contract or not.

The newspaper mentioned collected some statements that Estrella, after his arrival in the Dominican Republic: β€œI am going to meet with some relatives and on Monday I will join the program that I must take and then do the corresponding tryouts (evaluations)β€œ.

The pitcher’s goal is to get a contract, and settle in the Dominican Republic to play the Dominican Summer League.

In Costa Rica, with the Academia La Sabana, he achieved the gold medal at the 2021 National Games. Added to that, too debuted with the Costa Rican baseball team, in a friendly homerun played in Guatemala.

In the images we can appreciate the pitching mechanics of Juan Francisco Estrella, who wears his entire repertoire quite solidly on the mound.

Journalist Rodrigo Calvo reports that only 17 players born in Costa Rica have been able to sign with a Major League Baseball organization. The most recent was Jake Perez Correa, who signed with the San Diego Padres in 2020.

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