COVID-19 in Jalisco: Faced with a rise in infections, the Health Committee will advance to determine actions in the State

Even if a meeting was intended until January 14, the members of the State Board of Health will be advanced and on January 10 they will determine what actions will continue in Jalisco, given the rise in infections of the new coronavirus.

“The virus is putting us to the test again,” said the governor of Jalisco, when inaugurating the Glorieta de la Normal, although he did not advance new actions.

In a single day, the COVID-19 infections presented in Jalisco almost doubled compared to the day before.

The Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSJ) reported that yesterday at least a thousand positive cases were registered of the new coronavirus, when a day before they were 585; that is, an increase of 71 percent.

Among the topics to be discussed at the Health Table will be request the vaccination certificate or negative tests in mass events.

The other point is if basic education students return to classrooms on January 17, or if they continue in virtuality.



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