COVID in Jalisco: Coronavirus cases almost double in one day

In a single day, the COVID-19 infections presented in Jalisco almost doubled compared to the previous day.

The Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSJ) reported that yesterday there were at least a thousand positive cases of coronavirus, when a day before there were 585. That is, an increase of 71 percent.

The demand for tests and calls to the COVID line in the State has skyrocketed in recent days after the arrival of omicron.

If you want to have an appointment for a free trial in Jalisco, you can call the University of Guadalajara or the SSJ phone numbers: 3335403001 and 3338233220, respectively.

In Jalisco, only 16 infections by the omicron variant have been officially reported, according to the state government. However, in the United States this new strain already represents 95% of cases.

The researcher and epidemiologist at the University of Guadalajara, Carlos Alonso Reynoso, pointed out that the number of tests that are currently carried out in the State is very small and insufficient if the number of inhabitants in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area is taken into account (ZMG).

He said that in other countries, and even in other states, virus tests are offered in a more accessible and faster way, which helps people isolate themselves in time to avoid more infections.

He said that the variant is so infectious that it is expected that this fourth wave would generate, at its peak, problems in the production or supply of merchandise, and even in services and personnel, as happens in airlines where flights have had to be canceled due to lack of workers who are on disability.

For Jalisco, the peak of COVID infections is expected to occur at the end of January, due to the omicron variant.



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