COVID in Jalisco: The return to face-to-face classes continues, despite the growth of infections

Despite the increase in COVID-19 cases, the return to face-to-face classes for January 17 continues, said the governor of Jalisco; argued that the decision of advance the meeting of the Board of Health It is to anticipate a growth of the problem and said that the good news is that, despite the increase in infections, there is no type of pressure in the hospital occupation, nor in the lethality.

“We cannot go back to a stage of stopping things”

The state agent ruled out stopping activities in any sector again and anticipated that will evaluate that the vaccination certificate is requested for some activities that involve mass meetings.

“For now, no (the return to school is modified). I still believe that schools can take better care of health measures than what can be done on the street. I am not the one who makes that decision, that decision is made based on technical criteria and it will be a topic that will be discussed at the table next Monday. The other big issue is whether it will be mandatory for some activities to present the vaccination certificate, particularly for leisure activities that involve mass gatherings; it will be necessary to see if something of the gauges will be revised. What I can say is that We cannot go back to a stage of stopping things, we have to move forward, we have to do it carefully, but if any measure has to be adjusted, the decision that is the most appropriate will be made, “he said.

About vaccinating teachers and school personnel, the secretary of state education, Juan Carlos Flores Miramontes, commented that they expect the federal government to determine the dates and said trust that it is given before returning to the classroom.

“I do not think that the return to face-to-face classes will be postponed, the health table advances its session there, surely there will be more clarity about vaccination and it may be a factor to consider. The route is very clear, we yearn to be present for all the benefits it gives, “he explained.

For vaccination, the state government plans to reopen the module at the University Center for Exact Sciences and Engineering; in addition to another point of application that is yet to be defined.

Irresponsible manifestation of UdeG

In other matters, the governor stated that he does not care that the University of Guadalajara (UdeG) resume its manifestations in demand of budget and respect for its autonomy. He described as irresponsible that they use young people to do this type of exercise in the middle of the pandemic. He warned that he will not talk about the subject again.



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