COVID: They prepare a day to vaccinate the laggards; there are 1.3 million in Jalisco

Although the vaccination against COVID-19 is already in the application of booster doses in Jalisco, Two out of every 10 people who could receive it have yet to be vaccinated. For this reason, the Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSJ) is already preparing a new day for his vaccination, reported the director of social determination, María Elena Pajarito.

According to the figures reported by the state government with a cutoff as of January 1, There are 84% who have already received at least one dose, so there would be at least 1.3 million people from Jalisco.

Pajarito pointed out that, although they will open the new day, they are in accordance with the federal government’s vaccination plan, so it is not known for sure when they could start. However he stated that it would be before June.

“Right now we are in the booster vaccination campaign for older adults, second doses from 12 to 17 years old and the second AstraZeneca is about to open for those who have to. But in the future it is definitely considered to open also for people who do not have any dose and it will be in general: for those over 18 years old. We recommend following the official social networks to find out when it opens ”, he said.

The most advanced group in vaccination is that of health personnel, which reached 99%, followed by educational personnel with 98%, young people aged 18 and over with 84% and people aged 30 and over with 80%. The rest are still below these figures.

Pajarito stressed that although there are still those who have not been vaccinated because they do not want it that way, At the moment there is no obligation to get vaccinated. He stressed that with coverage above 80% of the vaccinated population there is some security.

“Although vaccination does not protect against contagion, it does lower the risk of hospitalization and the severity of the disease, that is why it is important that the population be vaccinated,” he said.

For those who are behind the second dose, he added that they can go to the modules where they are applying the vaccine from the same laboratory that they received (Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca). There, with their papers, they will have to go to the incident area where they will look for them in the system and they can be inoculated.



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