Ed Sheeran to go on tour in an electric campervan

Ed Sheeran.

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Ed Sheeran He already made it clear in a recent interview that his upcoming stadium tour would be the last of that magnitude on which he would embark.

Although at that time he attributed his decision to the need to prioritize his responsibilities as a father, he now added an additional compelling reason to avoid too long journeys and a logistical deployment that is as demanding as it is polluting.

The singer, who fathered Lyra with his wife Cherry Seaborn, wants his long-awaited ‘Mathematics’ tour, which begins in mid-April, to leave as little carbon footprint as possible.

To do this, Sheeran will travel the entire European geography in a camper van, made by Volkswagen and 100% electric: a vehicle more typical of hikers, but more than valid for his needs and those of his family.

The singer-songwriter plans to travel to all his next destinations with his wife and little girl, although at the moment it is unknown what exactly he will do when his show moves to the North American continent.

In a new interview with ‘Sunday Today’, Ed predicted that his concert tour will extend well beyond the last scheduled date so far, September 25, when he performs in the German city of Frankfurt.

“I don’t think the tour is going to end soon, I see myself traveling the world for a long time. We will make long stops in each city. The good thing about playing in such large stadiums and venues is that people don’t usually go there on weekdays. So we will play Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each week, ”explained real-name artist Edward Christopher Sheeran.

He recently pledged to buy land in the UK to reforest and thus compensate the environment for the amount of carbon dioxide that his latest project will generate.

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