J Balvin assures that he fulfilled one of his biggest dreams and sends a moving message to those who want to be parents

The Colombian singer J Balvin has shared an emotional video with his son, Río. In the audiovisual posted on his Instagram account, where the Medellín-born artist has almost 60 million followers, being close to reaching Maluma, He has talked about fatherhood and what he wishes to all the people who want to have that experience in their lives.

“Peace on earth, people, I want a better world for my son and for yours. Hopefully, one day, those who have that desire to be parents, can fulfill this and more. I left from Medellín, Colombia… nobody gave it to me, they told me a thousand times that I was crazy, but I gave it to me. That’s why don’t let him down, it’s possible !!! ”was the message that accompanied the video.

In addition to the text, the Colombian expressed:

“Greetings, good morning everyone, good afternoon, good night. A hug. I always wanted to be a father, it is one of my big dreams always and well, here we are living it but the most important thing is to try every day to be a better person and when you have codes that you can share with others so that they grow, it makes me an obligation ”, said the interpreter of“ My people ”.

Dream, do not lower it, everything is possible: I left Medallo for the whole world and this is only the beginning. I love you very much, good vibes and a lot of peace on earth, that’s what we need, “he said emotionally at the end of the video.

The artist has been quite jealous pato show the face of the little baby, However, in this clip, Rio’s face was seen a bit when he turned to the other side and J Balvin’s hand could not cover part of his little face.

Rio is the son that the Colombian singer has with the model Valentina Ferrer. A few weeks ago the artist was accused of being a “toxic” due to a comment he left on an Instagram post of his partner.

Any photos with clothes? By chance?”, The one born in Medellín wrote to Ferrer, when she published a series of photographs in front of a mirror and wearing a bathing suit. However, before the attacks of the fans, he erased the message.

He also added a new comment much more loving and without signs of “toxicity”: “How beautiful my girl. The queen of Córdoba, the mother of my son, dreamy, casual, funny, beautiful and good, it’s over now “.

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