Juan Rivera is forceful and responds to Chiquis: “Hide your wallets because the thief has already returned”

Juan Rivera bursts into tears and promises to enforce the will of his sister, Jenni Rivera.

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Chiquis Rivera exploded against the press release sent by the Rivera family on the result of the audit. His anger is against Rosie and Juan Rivera, his uncles, who before his outbreak have not remained silent and respond to the accusations of the first-born of Jenni Rivera.

Rosie Rivera responded through her YouTube channel and part of this he also left on Instagram. In his channel he left the following words: “Just in the most difficult moments for a person, the best thing that can happen is to feel safe, loved and supported, so that he can then express what he feels, even if it means looking vulnerable or broken, but always with the internal strength of being willing to rebuild ”.

On Instagram he accompanied his publication with these words: “There are problems, differences and family wars that go on for a long time and in which many people are hurt sometimes for no reason.”

In his statement, according to Mezcalent these have been his words: “My lawsuit, my war, my enemy is not flesh and blood, much less my family. I have decided that my family, that the people I love, are not my enemies. They are going to speak, they are going to believe or they are not going to believe, they are going to make their own soap opera and I decide not to be part of it ”.

These are other statements by Rosie Rivera that Gossip No Like has shared:

Juan Rivera did not want to stay behind and used his Instagram account to reveal his position on the issue with the following message: “When everything indicated that it was over, well no, apparently this will continue. You already know me and you know how things will be done. What a way to start the year! Happy 2022. Hide your wallets because the thief is back“.

But Juan also spoke with Chisme No Like and these were his words exclusively:

Lupillo rivera, meanwhile, He has given all his support to Chiquis And he has let his siblings and the world know that his nephews are doing the right thing for him by asking for an account of the money Jenni left them as an inheritance. “You are not doing anything wrong. Your mother’s legacy is yours alone. You have every right to live on Jenni’s name forever, ”wrote the appeal. “Toro del Corrido”.

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