Kanye West takes his own paparazzi on his dates with Julia Fox

Much has been said about the intentions of Kanye West, who supposedly wants to return with Kim Kardashian, even recently it was reported that he bought the property in front of the mansion of the mother of his four children.

However, West is back on dating. Just a few weeks ago he put an end to his courtship with the model Vinetria and, now, he would be the actress Julia Fox With whom it did not take long to attribute something more than a friendship after sharing a romantic date in New York, at the end of a Broadway show and later having dinner at a luxurious restaurant in Miami, Florida.

Although it is possible that the rapper is up to something else.

According to the Page Six portal, Kanye hired his ‘own paparazzi’ to accompany him on his outing with Julia to see the play ‘Slave Play’. Apparently everything they did throughout the night, including their meeting with the cast and the writer of the script, was immortalized for posterity in photographs. The question is why?

Several sources claim that Ye is working on a new project that would have given her the idea to document her life. What is not clear is what role Julia exactly plays in all this: if she is an actress hired to perform a specific job or if she simply accompanies him in front of the cameras because they spend a lot of time together.

The truth is that media coverage of West’s personal life has increased since his separation from Kim. And although he publicly begged her to let him return to his arms, the businesswoman does not seem interested.

On the other hand, it seems that he is also enjoying life while his marriage is in limbo, because before these meetings with Julia, Kanye was seen in a Miami hotel with two other scantily-clad unknown women.

Photos obtained by DailyMail show Kanye checking his phone as one of the young women is wearing an open blouse leaving the hotel room and the other stranger is standing on the suite’s balcony.

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