Lupillo Rivera turns his back on his brothers; to Chiquis he says: “You have the right to live on the name of Jenni Rivera”

Yes, Lupillo Rivera seems to have turned his back on his brothers Rosie and Juan Rivera. The famous singer is on the side of his niece Chiquis Rivera in this family conflict, which has sparked family separation, apparently outright.

Chiquis Rivera shared a strong video on Instagram, in which he explains what led his brothers to request an audit on Jenni Rivera’s inheritance. She explained that years ago her brother Jhonny López asked her to help him with this, but that she refused because she did not want to get into trouble. But his brother grew up and continued to have doubts about his mother’s legacy., so he went back to look for Chiquis so that she could help him start this process. She, she says, all she did was contact him with the right people at the legal level.

What they have discovered has led them to detach themselves from their maternal family, especially from Rosie Rivera and Juan. Regarding the family shepherd, Chiquis reveals that she did accept to stop being the head of the company, but for this she has requested a payment that is close to $ 200 thousand dollars. Her brothers informed Chiquis and she said no.

Chiquis admits not agreeing to pay Rosie to leave what was her position, assures that during all the time that she served as head and executor, she herself received a payment. That they never knew how much it amounted to, but she had already received a payment for the services rendered.

Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter assures that she is not willing to apologize to her uncles. And he has left all this information in the hands of the public, so that they have the complete picture.

The position of Lupillo Rivera and other celebrities

Lupillo Rivera, like many others, more than 314 thousand people have seen the video shared by Chiquis Rivera on Instagram. And the singer’s position suggests that he has turned his back on his brothers Rosie and Juan. On the position of his nephews Lupillo has been blunt when saying:

“You are not doing anything wrong, and yes, your mother’s legacy is yours. Nothing else about you, because she worked for you nothing else. You have every right to live on the name Jenni Rivera forever“.

Like Lupillo, many other celebrities are giving their full support to Chiquis Rivera, including Larry Hernández who stated the following: “Courage my Chiquis. Hug from a distance, great. I do not like to see you sad friend, whenever I see you a smile is drawn on your face and that is the one I want to always be reflected on your face. Courage to you and your brothers, blessings, and I hope that everything is fixed soon, for your good both emotional and spiritual.

Everything seems to indicate that the opinion of Lupillo Rivera and a large part of the fans agree that Jenni’s work and the fruits of it correspond entirely to her children.

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