Michigan man shot and stabbed to death his dad, mom, and brother; his niece saw everything

A Michigan man will stand trial for the horrific triple murder.

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A 23-year-old man from Michigan who allegedly coldly shot and stabbed his parents and older brother to death last September, while his niece was at home, he will be tried for the heinous triple murder.

On Tuesday, Julie O’Neill, Eaton County District Court Judge, ruled that prosecutors can move forward with the case against Daniel J. Sougstad, who faces three counts each of open murder and felony firearm, dio a conocer el Lansing State Journal.

The night of September 24, Police received a 911 call about a possible shooting at a residence located in the 1200 block of Bishop Highway. Moments later, a second 911 call came in from a neighbor who lived on the same block who reported that an injured girl had come home covered in blood.

Soon the agents arrived at the scene and they found three bodies, two men and a woman, who appeared to have suffered multiple gunshot wounds and were pronounced dead at the residence.

The victims were identified as John Sougstad, Barbara Sougstad and Ryan Sougstad, the father of Daniel Sougstad, 57, his mother, 65, and his brother, 29, respectively.

According to the outlet, Eaton County Deputy Chief District Attorney Chris Anderson told the court that all three members of the suspect’s family were shot with a shotgun.

The father of Daniel Sougstad was shot from a distance and three shots from “close range”. He was also stabbed 11 times. The suspect allegedly shot his brother four times and then stabbed him four times. The mother of the alleged killer was only shot once, in the back. “The scene was horrible,” Anderson would have said.

Investigators quickly set their sights on Daniel Sougstad, as the main suspect in the murders, and although he was not at home when authorities arrived, officers were able to stop him during a traffic stop early the next morning, the man had blood splatters on his pants and glasses.

Investigators reportedly searched the suspect’s vehicle and found several unused shells from a shotgun that matched the shells scattered around the bodies of their relatives. Also, a 12-gauge shotgun was found in the back seat.

The researchers said that the suspect bought the gun and three cartridges, the same cartridges found at the crime scene, in his car and in his room, in November 2019.

Authorities said a search of the suspect’s room revealed several additional unused shotgun shells inside a dresser drawer.

The neighbor who called 911, Benjamin Crocker, also testified Tuesday, saying he heard a boy scream and saw a 5-year-old girl, later identified as the alleged shooter’s niece, run onto his lawn from the direction of the house. of Sougstad.

The man said that I could see blood on the girl and that she was missing a shoe and that he was limping. Then the minor allegedly told the neighbor that he had just seen “Uncle Danny” murder his father and grandparents, informó el Lansing State Journal.

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