Mother in Georgia alleged that a truck ran over her 1-year-old baby at Christmas, but it would have been she who killed her

Oluwadamilola Imafiabor, 29, is accused of murdering her 1-year-old baby in Georgia.

Photo: Gwinnett County Police / Courtesy

A woman is in a prison in Georgia on charges of having murdered his 1-year-old baby after he alleged that a truck had run over the little girl in the middle of Christmas.

Oluwadamilola Imafiabor, 29, allegedly lied to authorities about the facts in an attempt to free himself of responsibility in relation to the death of the little girl.

Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office reported that Agents arrived on the scene on December 25 at the women’s residence on Seasons Parkway.

At that time, Imafiabor alleged to the officers that the girl was hit by a truck the day before while playing outside the house.

The woman added that her daughter appeared to be fine shortly after the incident; but that he died later in the night.

Mother admitted that he did not transfer the victim to the hospital And he also didn’t call 911 immediately.

However, the Suspect’s version does not match the injuries detected in the body of the minor.

“An autopsy was performed on the girl, and the injuries do not appear to be consistent with the story provided by Imafiabor,” police said according to CrimeOnline.

Still the forensic authorities they have not disclosed the specific cause of death. But the mother was accused of murder in the second degree and cruelty to minors in the second degree. The accused will be detained without the right to bail.

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