Nurse’s Day: Nurses from Guadalajara are recognized

This January 6, the National Day of the Nurse and Nurse is celebrated in Mexico, so the Mayor of Guadalajara, Pablo Lemus Navarro, recognized 13 health servants with more than 30 years of service in the Municipal Medical Services, this in an event held at the Cruz Verde Delgadillo Araujo.

“I want to acknowledge the work of all of you during this pandemic, it has been truly complex. We are convinced and grateful that the work that you do every day has to be rewarded ”, said the municipal president.

Lemus Navarro said that in the coming days they will review the working conditions of the municipality’s health professionals, as well as the infrastructure of the six Cruz Verde units in the capital of Jalisco.

For this 2022, the mayor pointed out that the Government of Guadalajara will have a bag of one thousand 92.3 million pesos (MDP) for infrastructure and public works, which for him represents an increase of 225 percent compared to the resources invested in 2021 which was 335.8 MDP; This is intended to be distributed for the recovery of public spaces such as sports units, schools, roads and health care for the people of Guadalajara.

Salvador García Uvence, general director of Municipal Medical Services, highlighted the unstoppable work of the nurses who were working during the COVID pandemic.

“After 91 years it is still a tradition, a custom that this day we celebrate nurses today. We have a total of 214 nurses within the Cruz Verde Guadalajara units that battled seriously and hard in the pandemic, ”he said.

At the end of the event, the rosca de Reyes was broken, Pablo Lemus got the Niño Dios for the seventh consecutive time, so he will have to invite the tamales on La Candelaria Day, next February 2.



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